Memory (RAM) can be a perplexing component when it comes to creating or updating a gaming PC. While capacity is significant, considerations such as dual- or quad-channel memory, clock speed, CAS delay, and memory timings complicate matters. Because each memory kit is unique, it is critical to select the correct one. 

To make things easier, we’ve chosen exceptional RAM kits that fit a variety of budgets and performance requirements. We provide a variety of alternatives, ranging from DDR4 RAM for cheap to mid-range PCs to high-end DDR5 RAM with overclocking possibilities. Furthermore, we provide visually appealing RGB kits that mix style and performance. Examine our suggestions below.



Corsair Vengeance RGB includes 32GB of memory split across two sticks, allowing for a dual-channel configuration for increased memory bandwidth. DDR5 memory technology provides faster frequencies, lower power consumption, and compatibility with the most recent AMD and Intel motherboards. 

This kit provides quick setup and optimal performance with an effective speed of 5,600MHz and compatibility for XMP 3.0. Despite a slightly increased CAS latency of 40, the DDR5 memory still performs admirably. In addition, the package includes 10-zone RGB lighting, which adds aesthetic flair to your setup at an economical price of around $200.


RAM prices have dropped in comparison to the high expenses encountered during recent shortages. The OLOy Owl stands out as a low-cost choice that doesn’t skimp on performance. This kit features two sticks of RAM with amazing 3,200MHz speeds, all for less than $50. 

It also has a low CAS latency of 16 and good extended timings, making it a good alternative for people on a tight budget. However, it’s crucial to remember that this low-cost alternative lacks RGB illumination, and in order to fully utilize its capabilities and perhaps overclock, your motherboard must support XMP profiles and DDR4-3200.

TEAMGROUP T-Force Dark Z 16GB Kit

If you’re searching for a dependable DDR4 alternative at a reasonable price, the Teamgroup T-Force Dark Z is an excellent option. You’ll receive 16GB of RAM for less than $120, and the elegant aluminum heatsink provides both protection and a low-profile design at 43.5mm. If you want to upgrade to 32GB, the price of this package makes it an appealing alternative, especially if you like to keep numerous applications open when gaming.

The DIMMs provide an out-of-the-box overclocking capability of 3,200MHz and a fast CAS latency of 16. These memory modules work with AMD and Intel motherboards that enable speeds of up to 3,200MHz.


The Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB comes with 32GB of RAM and runs at a speed of 5,200MHz. Although the 38-second CAS delay and extended timings appear to be slower, DDR5 memory performs memory operations differently, resulting in significant performance increases. Corsair has also improved the aesthetics of the DIMMs by adding RGB lighting to the heat spreader.

To use this kit, you’ll need a DDR5-capable motherboard and processor. Intel’s Alder Lake and Raptor Lake processors, as well as AMD’s Ryzen 7000 Series processors, are currently compatible. Some motherboards, such as the Z690 and X670, are also compatible with this high-speed RAM.

PNY XLR8 Gaming 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 DRAM 4000MHz

If you own an AMD Ryzen processor and wish to maximize its performance with fast memory, obtaining high speeds without going into system BIOS overclocking can be difficult or expensive. However, at under $90, the PNY XLR8 Gaming Epic-X RGB streamlines the process and greatly saves expenditures.

This dual-channel kit has a total capacity of 16GB DDR4 memory and operates at 4,000MHz. It is critical to check that your motherboard supports these speeds, as some low-cost models have memory frequency constraints. Those willing to experiment with BIOS settings can obtain optimal performance increases by modifying the Infinity Fabric clock speed to synchronize with the memory’s clock speed.


With so many alternatives, it’s necessary to think about things like capacity, speed, latency, and compatibility with your motherboard and processor. There are RAM kits to suit any need, whether you favor price, overclocking capabilities, or beauty with RGB illumination. 

You may make an informed choice and ensure optimal memory performance for your gaming or productivity demands by carefully examining your requirements and following professional recommendations. To get the most out of your RAM investment, prioritize stability, dependability, and compatibility.

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