While any SSD would be an advantage over a hard disk, the passage recommends choosing the tested SSDs listed below for greater value for money. These SSDs have been subjected to extensive benchmarking testing, including real-world game loading tests and synthetic speed tests, to establish their performance as the primary drive on a new Windows 11 installation.

It should be noted that suggested SSDs are normally 1TB or more in capacity, as smaller SSDs suffer from slower performance. With the increasing size of modern games, a 250GB SSD is thought insufficient, and while 2TB and 4TB SSDs are pricey, they are worth considering, especially if bought on sale.


1. WD_BLACK 1TB SN850X NVMe Internal Gaming SSD

The Ryzen Zen 4 CPU family adds PCIe Gen 5 functionality to AMD and Intel platforms. The WD Black SN850X, a Gen 4 SSD, is the best option for consumers who do not have PCIe 5.0 M.2 slots. While the Platinum P41 SSD from SK Hynix performs somewhat better, the more cheap SN850X is favored. 

The SN850X incorporates WD’s distinctive cooling system and runs at lower temperatures than its predecessor. It is similar to the existing SN850 in that it has four PCIe Gen 4 lanes in the M.2 2280 form factor. Because the 512GB model is no longer available, and the in-house controller chip has been updated, the entry-level choice starts at 1TB.

2. Samsung 990 PRO Series

It wasn’t initially recommended because the earlier 980 model was a better deal. The 990 Pro, on the other hand, has begun to receive more frequent and deeper reductions, making it an appealing option. The 2TB 990 Pro performed admirably in our tests, with read and write speeds of 7,462MB/s and 6,877MB/s, respectively, making it the fastest Gen 4 SSD. Despite its slightly disappointing 4K random access speed and slightly warmer thermal performance than the 980 variant, the Samsung 990 Pro remains one of the best SSDs for gaming until Gen 5 SSDs become available.

4. Seagate FireCuda 530 500GB Solid State Drive

Seagate Firecuda 530 2TB makes use of the high-quality Phison E18 controller, which contributes to its outstanding performance. While its sequential performance is remarkable, its random performance is slightly below that of comparable Phison E18 units, with 83 MB/s 4K reads and 251 MB/s writes. The Firecuda 530, in particular, has an impressive endurance rating of 2,550TB and is completely compatible with the Sony PS5, with an optional PS5-optimized heatsink. Overall, it is a highly rated SSD and a popular choice for the PlayStation

5. Kingston FURY Renegade 2TB PCIe Gen 4.0 NVMe M.2

According to CrystalDiskMark, the Fury Renegade achieves read and write speeds of 7,344.99 MB/s and 6,873.21 MB/s, respectively, confirming Kingston’s promises. It also received an Anvil score of 21,649.35, demonstrating its strong overall performance. In terms of gameplay, the SSD provided near-instant loading and transfer speeds. For example, the 64.88GB CyberPunk2077 game transferred in 22.66 seconds, whereas Destiny 2’s 73.5GB content transferred in 28 seconds. Loading times were also extremely fast, with Halo Infinite’s main campaign launching in just 18 seconds and offering immediate action.


Choosing the finest SSD for gaming is an important decision that will improve your gaming experience. Speed, capacity, and performance are important factors in picking the best solutions. Throughout our investigation of numerous SSDs, we discovered notable options that provide lightning-fast speeds, huge storage capacities, and dependable performance. 

These SSDs, whether PCIe Gen 4 or older technology, provide the required speed increase to reduce loading times, improve file transfers, and optimize overall gaming. By purchasing the best SSD for gaming, you can maximize the performance of your gaming PC and experience seamless, immersive gaming sessions with little lag.

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